Sikkim Himalaya

About Sikkim – A Tiny Himalayan State of India

Sikkim is the small Himalayan state of India. It is one of the seven sisters or the Northeast India. The state accounts for 0.02 percent of total Geographical area of the Country. It has unique Himalayan eco-system and hosts over twenty sic percent of India’s flowering plants and Sikkim holds out hope in the face of challenges regionally, nationally and globally. Nature has blessed the state with rich biodiversity, exquisite species of flora and fauna. Sikkim hosts Khanchendzonga, which is the highest peak in India and it is the third highest peak all around the world. It is also famous for its initiation of Organic Mission. It is the only fully organic State of India. Drenjong is the Tibetan name for Sikkim. Drenjong means “valley of rice“. It is also called Beyul Demazong by the Bhutias, which means ‘”the hidden valley of rice“.


Best among North East States

The State of Sikkim lies in the North Eastern region of the Country of India. Located in the Himalayan region, Sikkim is indispensable for Himalayan River System. Very vital to the Himalayan eco-system, Sikkim is a bridge to connect the North West Himalayas extending on to Nepal Himalayas and North East Himalayas featuring the highest mountain peak of the world, viz. Mount Everest and Mount Khanchendzonga, the third highest peak of the world. For the Himalayan water system also, Sikkim acts as the vital link to provide continuum to Indus water basin to Ganges river basins with Brahmaputra river basin extending further down to Mekong River basin along the South China Sea.

Sikkim has a unique geographical characteristic where within a distance of over 114kms, one finds all the five climatic zones-tropical, sub-tropical, temperate, sub-alpine and alpine which extend from 300 meters to 8,598 meters above mean sea level with the towering presence of Mount Khanchendzonga, the third highest mountain peak in the world, as guardian deity.

Sikkim borders with China in the North and North East Side, Bhutan in the Eastern Side and Nepal on its Western Side. Also that it shares its border with West Bengal as its closest neighbor, another state of India.

Sikkim – Heaven for Tourists

Sikkim is an heaven for tourist both local and international. The Government and revenue of Sikkim is totally dependent on tourism industry. The local Government mainly focusses on developing the tourists spots and providing easy access of various spots to the tourists. Various Man-made tourist spots are created in addition to numerous natural sites that exists there already. From hottest to coldest and driest to wettest place exist all in a small Himalayan State. Lakes in the high altitude which remains frozen for most of the seasons are the main attraction for the tourists. The state government provides all the tourism related information in its official website.

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