Uttarey Sikkim

Uttarey, Gem of the West

Uttarey – In the Nature’s Lap

West Sikkim’s Uttarey is a small settlement close to Nepal. The distance to Pelling, a well-known tourist attraction, is around 30 kilometres. Due to its tranquility and the abundance of nearby holiday spots, Uttarey is well-known among tourists. Kanchenjunga’s enormous mass may be viewed from the highest reaches of the Uttarey slopes.

You may go to Uttarey from Pelling or Dentam, which is located in the western region of Sikkim. You will cross Singshore Bridge along the route, which is said to be Asia’s second-most amazing expansion. Uttarey is located at a height of around 6600 feet. You can check our Guide on how to travel to Pelling.

Uttarey, Sikkim

Uttarey known for its tranquillity and permanence is an excellent spot. The place consists a beautiful view of the Himalayan mountains, which are largely undiscovered. As a result, one can enjoy a peaceful atmosphere. In winter, the mountains covered with snow, which makes for breathtaking views.

Places of interest near Uttarey


The Kagyu Monastery in Uttarey is a much revered site of love for locals and a pleasant spot to visit. The monastery is situated in the midst of dense forest. The religious community’s divider works of art are extremely important to the residents. The location is about a 10-minute walk from the Titanic station and is placed on a slope. This is one of Sikkim’s oldest monasteries, having been built in 1711. The Monastery building has been renovated, and it is no longer the 1711 structure that you will see here.

The Titanic Park

A skyscraper in the shape of the iconic Ship is being built near Uttarey’s major market. The building is closed, however it is a fantastic location for pictures. The iconic building with the shape of the legendary ship Titanic is build in the center of a small town of Uttarey where a dried lake is present. Accommodations are also available in the said building so one could spend few nights and enjoy totally new experience.

Trout Farm

The trout farm is only about 2 kilometers from Uttarey. There are a few large developed lakes where trout can be found in large numbers. The surrounding area is also quite serene and pleasant, and you may believe that it is worthwhile to spend some time by the river close to the farm.

The Department of Fisheries, Govt. of Sikkim, has developed a 1km distance from UTTAREY TROUT (FISH OF THE SALMON FAMILY) HATCHERY CENTRE in Simphok for rearing, breeding, marketing, and distribution to the people to satisfy their livelihood in the area of fisheries. However, this center is not only functioning and surviving for the aforementioned purposes, but it has also become a tourist destination.

Tenzing Hillary Memorial Park

The recreation center was built in 2015 to add to Uttarey’s allure. The road to the leisure center isn’t in great shape, but it’s worth a visit just for the breathtaking views of the area. On a clear morning, this location offers breathtaking views of the Kanchenjunga range. Here are sculptures of the two incredible climbers.

At an elevation of 8100 feet, 15 minutes by car and 45 minutes by footpath from Uttarey, there is a small but beautiful holy lake and a beautiful tourist view point called “LAMENEY POKHARI” around which a mind blowing and entertaining “TENZINNG- HILLARY PARK” is constructed.

During clear weather days, this spectacular viewpoint offers a magnificent view of the dawn and the snow-clad mountain ranges of Nathula and Jelepla Pass in the east, and some of the Kanchendzonga Range in the north.

The Lameney Pokhari View Point is located on the edge of the Barsey Rhododendron and Wild Life Sanctuary. Ghoral, Deer, Bucks, Wild Boars, Hisped Hare, Kalej Peasants, Red Panda, and Wild Bear are among the many wild creatures.

This area and its surroundings are particularly well-known and rich in therapeutic herbal plants, as one large Departmental Herbal Nursery exists at “Tertchey Patal,” planting, manufacturing, and distributing many sorts of herbal medicines. The locals usually treat themselves with these natural and organic herbal medicinal herbs.

The Sherpa tribal community dominates Lameney Pokhari and the surrounding area. There are still some Sherpa old porters who served Tenzing Sherpa during his expedition and while passing through the Chiwabhanzyang Pass on the Indo-Nepal border.

Mainebass Waterfall

This is a lovely waterfall in Uttarey that may be reached by foot. The waterfall is roughly 7 kilometers from Uttarey. You must take the westbound route from Uttarey that goes to the trout farm. Another 5 kilometers of wooded trek will lead you to Mainbass Falls. It is also feasible to camp near the waterfall.

The Mainbas Waterfall and the Chiwabhanzyang Pass are two more popular tourist destinations near Uttarey. This pass is around 10 kilometers from Uttarey and serves as the entry to Nepal.
This is a beautiful cascade in Uttarey that may be reached by foot. Outdoors by the cascade is also an excellent spot for some relaxation.

Singshore Suspension Bridge (Asian 2nd highest)

With a span of 198 m and a depth of 220 m, “SINGSHORE BRIDGE” is the SECOND HIGHEST SUSPENSION BRIDGE IN ASIA, and the first of its type in Sikkim as well as the country India, and has been a unique and fresh tourist attraction.
It is certainly a man-made beauty that provides a beautiful baseview of huge flora that makes distinguishing between the lowlands and the mountains impossible. When you’re standing in the center of the bridge and a strong wind blows, you can feel the exhilaration. The river rushing over the uneven rocks appears spectacular, as does the roar of the waterfalls.

Changey Twin Falls

Changey Waterfall seems to be a white line coming from deep vegetation and tumbling from a height of 300 meters. In reality, this slice of nature comes with a cheese topping. Cheese aficionados should not miss the adjacent Dentam Village’s cheese factory.


Chaya Lake, the name of the place based on this lake with emerald green water, is the main attraction of Chayatal. The Sikkim state government has taken a few measures to encourage tourism, such as the construction of Chayatal Lake near He-Bermiok to enhance Eco-Tourism in West Sikkim. Views of snow-capped Mt. Kanchenjunga, Kabru, and other peaks are spectacular.

Alpine Cheese Plant, Dentam

In West Sikkim District, a picturesque village called Dentam lies around 10 kilometers from Uttarey. It is located at a height of around 1500 meters. The name “Dentam” comes from the Limboo word “Ten-Nem,” which literally translates to “a flat terraced area.” Mount Khangchendzonga is constantly visible from Dentam. Rhododendrons cover the entire land and encircle it in a forest. For those who enjoy nature and bird watching, the village is a great location. One can opt for Mountaineering and trekking here. It is well-known for its Alpine Gouda Cheese plant, a result of an Indo-Swiss partnership.

Sikkim Dairy Products Private Limited (SDPPL) founded in 1966 is one place to visit. One of the tourist attractions is the Cheese Plant in Dentam, West Sikkim, which produces Gouda Cheese (a naturally ripened cheese). In a clean atmosphere, premium cow’s milk utilized to make cheese and paneer (Frozen Diced Paneer) creates a treat. Hilley, Ravangla, and Pemayangtse Monastery are three neighboring attractions worth seeing.

Sirijunga Mangheem

Mangshila built in 1983 and is similar in design to Sirijunga Yuma Mangheem- Martam (West Sikkim). Maghey Sankranti celebrated every year in January with great enthusiasm. Participants gather from all the communities and surrounding hamlets to take part in the festivities. The holiday has become so popular in recent years that people now travel long distances to participate in the planned cultural spectacle.

Chittrey – Chiwabhanzyang

Chiwabhanzyang Pass is one of the significant and well-known passes on the Indo-Nepal border, similar to Donkyela Pass, Nathula Pass, Chorten Nimala Pass, and Jelepla Pass in the Indo-China border. The name Chiwabhanzyang derived from the former name Cheewa-Fangzong, which in the native Limboo language means “PEEPING VALLEY.” It is located in the Indo-Nepal Border Pass, a well-known trade route that links numerous villages in Nepal’s remote and extreme eastern region with Sikkim’s remote and extreme western villages in India.

Sopakha – Charantar (Limboo village)

A pretty village called Sopakha lies 3 kilometres from Uttarey, faces east, has a moderate slope and is dominated by the Limboo people. You can see the Kalej Valley as well as most of the hill villages in West Sikkim majestically from the nearest magnificent flat vantage point called Charantar, which also offers a unique bird’s eye view of the nearby villages and Uttarey Lake. The area is part of the biodiverse Kanchendzonga Biosphere Zone.

Typical local products you can take advantage of include traditional handicrafts and weaving such as weaving traditional limboo hats, mufflers, carrying bags, etc., as well as making materials from bamboo cane.

This community produces common regional traditional musical instruments such the BINAYO and TONGNA. With the help of these unusual instruments, the villagers used to unwind after a long day of labor by dancing and singing, usually in the evening.

How to Reach Uttarey?

From Airport
The closest airport are Bagdogra and Pakyong Airport. The Pakyong airport has very less flight so the main option travelers get is Bagdogra Airport. From Bagdogra Airport you can either book a whole cab or grab a shared taxi to west Sikkim Jorethang. From Jorethang, there is thin chance of Shared Taxi, You will need to hire a cab and drive to Uttarey. The Transportation of Sikkim is rather thin in remote areas

From Railway Station
New Jalpaiguri or Siliguri Junction are the two nearest railway stations. Usually NJP is the main Railway station from where you will get the trains to every other stations in India. Similar travel needs to be done from railway like that of an airport. You can avail a shared taxi to west Sikkim, Jorethang from NJP. One can even go to Siliguri from NJP and grab a shared taxi. Travel to Uttarey from Jorethang in a taxi which needs to be fully booked. Also travelling in a group will be economically beneficial when travel to such remote destinations.


Summertime is the ideal season to explore West Sikkim because of the pleasant weather. It is inappropriate to travel to this village during the winter months when it is below zero degrees. The months of October and November are also good for visiting this location. Also a good idea to visit the Sikkim Government Official Tourism website before visiting for any new guidelines or SOPs.

Summertime in Uttarey (APRIL – june)
The weather in West Sikkim is wonderful from February to October. Here, summers are chilly, with average highs and lows ranging from 13 to 26 degrees Celsius. These months see the highest number of visitors since they make for the perfect getaway from the summer heat. The same is true for climbing and hiking expeditions throughout the summer.

Summertime in Uttarey (JULY – SEPTEMBER)
Given that Sikkim is a mountainous location in the country’s east. Uttarey receives sufficient rain and prone to landslides during summer. Visitor should not plan a trip during rainy season.

The state has extremely frigid weather during the winter so snowfall is a common sight in Pelling, Yuksom, and other high-altitude locations. Therefore, the best time to enjoy snowfall is from December to February. However, it is not advisable to go hiking during these months.

Uttarey is a charming village surrounded by unending natural beauty, nestled in a valley of domestic plants and surrounded by slopes that erupt with an infinite display of rhododendrons. This town has received a wholehearted gift from nature, which is especially evident in the area’s constant greenery. Apart from this spot there are other spots to be visited in west Sikkim