Roofless Hotel in Sikkim

Roofless Hotel stay is an opportunity to get close to the sky above and the nature beside. Located amidst the serene mountains of Sikkim, Roofless Stay will rejuvenate yourself and gives a new meaning to your life. Situated few kilometers away from the only airport of Sikkim that is Pakyong Greenfield airport, It is fairly close enough to reach from the airport. There will be no transportation problem to reach this place. Less than an hour drive from Pakyong bazaar, you will reach the serene place.

The Roofless Hotel has just two rooms available in a night. Also the Hotel does not allow roofless stay in the rainy seasons for the reason that we all know. The best time would be pre summer, summer or winter season. Apart from the rainy season, the Stay is open all round the year. Two person can stay in the single room. Hence we can accommodate 4 guests per night only.

There are currently only two settings for the roofless hotel stay. One is Supreme Roofless Suite(SRS) and the other one is Rainbow Roofless Suite(RRS). They both are very distinctively different and have their own specialty.

Supreme Roofless Suite (SRS)
Supreme Roofless Suite (SRS)
Rainbow Roofless Suite (RRS)
Rainbow Roofless Suite (RRS)

Supreme Roofless Suite (SRS)

Supreme Roofless Suite or commonly known as SRS is a extravagant suite with minimalistic approach. This Spacious suite design allows the guest to feel and get connected with the nature. Materialistic belongings are kept away so that you stay in luxury but with a bare minimum needed amenities.

Rainbow Roofless Suite (RRS)

Rainbow Roofless Suite commonly known as RRS is a colorful stay option of the two available Roofless Suites. It is more of a celebratory set up. The design is very colorful and joyous. The setting is however kept to minimum basic amenities but is more filled up than the SRS. As a result it is best suited for couple. The Luxury stay with all the basic necessary items are provided with a guarantee to get connected with the nature, for instance.

Food at Roofless Hotel

We provide a very authentic local cuisine that you have rarely encountered anywhere. The emphasis is given on the organic products produced in Sikkim. We also have an option to provide a kitchen where you can try your hands-on on some of the local organic product and create your own masterpiece. Most of the visitors prefer to have a bonfire which is a fun activity during winter season. Barbeque or smoking of meat which includes mutton or chicken are also included as per the booking and availability. All the items used in cooking are generally home grown or is acquired from a fully organic source.

Local Organic Cuisine
Thatched Stay at Roofless Hotel
Semi Roofless Hotel Thatched Stay
Bambooed Stay at Roofless Hotel
Semi Roofless Hotel Bambooed Stay

Accommodations Apart From Roofless Hotel Stays

We have below two types of accommodation

  1. Semi Roofless Hotel Thatched Stay
  2. Semi Roofless Hotel Bambooed Stay
  3. Thatched Single room hut
  4. Thatched Double room hut
  5. Tree House with single/ double stay
  6. Modern Day stay in nature
  7. Trek Style Stay Tent

Booking a Roofless Hotel in Sikkim

We take only two accommodations/bookings per night. The booking is done as per the first come first serve basis. Based on the booking rush, we have 45 days of waiting time. The earlier you book, the greater are your chances to get a stay in the only roofless hotel in India.

In the Supreme Roofless Suite two person can be accommodated in its normal setting. We can customize it as per your need and another two person can be accommodated with minimum adjustments.
Same goes for the rainbow Roofless Suite as well. It normally accommodates two person in its default setups. We will customize it to accommodate two more adults if the need arises.

However there is a strict compliance that not more than 4 person can be adjusted in one suite at one point of time. If you have a larger group then we recommend you to accommodate yourself in some other options available with us.

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