MAYFAIR Spa Resort and Casino

MAYFAIR Spa Resort & Casino

MAYFAIR Spa Resort & Casino is one of the finest Luxury hotel and Resort chain of India. Its Branch in Gangtok is one of its best property. The Resort is 10 km away from the heart of the capital Gangtok of Sikkim. The property spreads across 48 acres of lush green vegetated area of Ranipool, Sikkim. Great ambiance and exclusive service with world class amenities are what makes them one of the favorable choice for the tourists. The high end expensive hotel and a luxury accommodation is available round the calendar. It consists of lavish villas and spacious rooms for the family.
Unmatchable views and a lovely ambience, MAYFAIR Spa Resort & Casino is one of the most preferred honeymoon hotel in India. It is the only Hotel in India that offers Casino. It also offers oodles of entertainment. With long and tiring day exploring Sikkim and its beauty, you can pamper up yourself in the lovely suites and get yourself a Spa with holistic treatment.
It includes world class facilities right from health club, restaurants, events, swimming pool and games area for children.
This is one place where you never want to miss out on. MAYFAIR Spa Resort & Casino, Gangtok is famous for its location. Situated in the heart of Sikkim surrounded by the lush green vegetation, it is able to catch the eye of the wealthy travelers. This is the place where the nature smiles. You would never wan to miss an opportunity to visit this place.

MAYFAIR Spa Resort in Gangtok is only Hotel with a Casino

MAYFAIR Spa Resort & Casino is one of the most prominent hotel present in Sikkim. There is no other hotel which is more renowned than the Mayfair hotel in Sikkim. The high end luxury customers prefer to stay in this establishment. It is famous for its association with casino. It is the only hotel with a Casino inside it.

Sikkim is famous for hosting Casino. Also many high end party and official gathering takes place here. It is the chosen destination for the people with heavy pocket.

The Resort surrounded by Lush green vegetation steals the light from its competitors. It is hidden directly from the public eye. You would be surprised to see its location.