Travel to Aritar, Sikkim

How to Travel to Aritar?

Beautiful Lake and oldest monastery

Travel to Aritar, a wonderful place in East Sikkim. It is famous for its stunning visual magnificence, which includes gushing waterfalls, majestic Himalayan peaks, lush green forests, and much more. Tourists from all around the world come here to spend some relaxing days. Aritar is an ideal place for anyone seeking natural beauty, tranquil vacations, spiritual retreats, or adventure-filled vacations.

Aritar, located at an elevation of 1,498 meters, has many attractions, including Aritar Gompa, one of Sikkim’s oldest monasteries. It is well-known for its traditional architecture and stunning paintings. Aritar’s other well-known attractions are the Parbateyshway Shvalaya Mandir, which is devoted to Lord Shiva, and Lampokhari Lake.

Various spots near Aritar

Dak Bungalow: Sir James Claude White, the first political officer of Sikkim under British administration in India, established this historic British-made dak bungalow, also known as Ari-Bangla, in 1895. The building also housed Sikkim’s first treasury and the Sikkim Police, with the first outpost opening in 1897.

Aritar Gumpa: A Kagyuapa order monastery, regarded one of the holiest and oldest in Sikkim. Its ancient architecture, carved and painted murals, and a plethora of texts and icons characterize Sikkim’s monastic art.

Parbateyswar Shivalaya Mandir: Hundreds of devotees rush to the highly holy pilgrimage place, regarded as the most revered shrine with beautiful beauty, to seek blessings and participate in the month of “SAWAN” by presenting water and sipping the sacred water from a sacred vessel.

Mankhim: “Mangkhim,” a Rai of Kirati origin Temple, is located at a height of 6500 feet in “Maity Village” (Kheselakha). Hattipailay is another unspoiled town where tourists may witness elephant footsteps on the sand.N
Nirmal Dham: About 5 kilometers (about) from Rhenock Bazar, this site is the residence of “Nirmal Guruji” (a.k.a.) “Kopchey Baba,” who is famed for his miraculous healing abilities and has drawn hundreds of followers from all over India and neighboring countries.

Evergreen Nursery and Ram Gauri Sangrhalaya: The nursery and museum, which have collections of driftwood, botanical and other floral species, are privately held and located in Rhenock Bazar.

Kali khola falls (Lonely falls) are 100 meters high (Rorathang-Rongli road)

Changey water fall: 50 m high (Near Lampokhari)

Lungchok Valley is a popular trekking location (Lokdara, Chujachen)

Love Dara: Picnic place on a low hill. Aritar.

Travel to Aritar by Air

Travel to Aritar by train is possible only to Bagdogra in West Bengal. Aritar is easily accessible by air by flying to the nearest airport, Bagdogra in Siliguri, West Bengal. The airport is roughly 115 kilometers from Aritar and takes around 4-5 hours to arrive. Aritar is around 67 kilometers from Gangtok, and the most easiest way to get there is to fly to Gangtok and then drive down to Aritar.

One can rent a private cab/taxi or take a shared taxi. Regular flights from the airport connect several of India’s main cities. In fact, flights to overseas cities like as Paro and Bangkok are also accessible.

Travel to Aritar by Air will be possible till Sikkim after the Pakyong Greenfield Airport is Working fully. Currently it is operation but have very few flights.

Travel to Aritar By Train

Travel to Aritar by train is possible only to Siliguri in West Bengal. Aritar’s nearest railway station is New Jalpaiguri in Siliguri, West Bengal. Aritar is around 108 kilometers away. Aritar is around 67 kilometers from Gangtok, and the most easiest way to get there is to fly to Gangtok and then drive down to Aritar.

The railway station has direct connections to important cities such as Kolkatta, Mumbai, and New Delhi. You may simply obtain a private cab to Aritar from New Jalpaiguri. There are also state-run buses available.

Travel to Aritar by Road

Well-connected by road to the major towns of Sikkim, Aritar is very well connected to other locations in northeast India. Aritar is easily accessible by road from nearby locations. It is around 67 kilometers from Gangtok, and the most easiest method to get there is to first travel to Gangtok and then drive down to Aritar. Aritar is easily accessible through rented taxis and state-run buses.

travel to Aritar
Travel to Aritar, Sikkim

Why is Aritar well-known?

Aritar, located in East Sikkim’s Rangoli sub-division in North East India, is famous for its enchanting natural scenery, which includes lush forests, entrancing waterfalls, pristine lakes, and imposing Himalayan peaks, attracting tourists from all over the country looking for a peaceful holiday, a spiritual retreat, or an adventure-packed extravaganza. This charming tiny town has something for every type of tourist; to discover more about it, simply read through this travel guide and learn about its wide array of attractions.