Tourist Spots in West Sikkim

Tourist Spots in West Sikkim

Below are the list of 40 Tourist Spots in West Sikkim which attracts millions of tourist annually in Sikkim. These tourist spots include mix of adventure spots, religious spots, cultural spots, heritage sites etc.

1. Pemayangtse Monastery

It is one of the oldest monasteries in the State. Originally established by Lhatsun Chenpo, one of the three revered Lamas to have performed the consecration ceremony of the first Chogyal (Religious Monarch) of Sikkim. This ancient monastery belonging to the Nyingma Sect has been considered one of the premier monasteries in the State. Entrusted with the task to perform all religious functions of the erstwhile monarch.

Originally, it was established as a high-class monastery for “Pure Monks” (Ta-Sang). Inside the monastery, there is a wooden structure depicting the “Maha Guru’s Heavenly Palace” (Sang-tok-palri), which is considered a masterpiece created by Late Dungzin Rimpoche. The Monastery, located on the hilltop at an altitude of 6300 ft. commands a magnificent panoramic view of the Himalayan Ranges, surrounding hills and the countryside.

2. Pelling

Pelling is about 133 km away from Siliguri and 125 km away from Gangtok and well connected by bus and jeep services. Various taxi services including luxury taxis are available for hire. Situated at an altitude of 6800 ft includes the mountains namely Koktang, Kumbhakarna, Rathong, Kabru, Dom, Kanchenjunga, Pandim, Jopuno, Simvo, Narsing, Sinolchu and others. Pelling is an ideal getaway for tourists with waterfalls, soft trek routes, villages and a soothing atmosphere. Pelling is one of the most sorted tourist destinations of Sikkim. Most of the people visiting Sikkim rarely miss visiting Pelling. The majestic view of Kanchenjunga from Pelling is one of the most iconic features of this destination. This is one of the famous Tourist Spots in West Sikkim.

3. Darap Cherry Village

A small village nestled on the top of a hill set in tranquil and verdant greenery. About 7 km from Pelling and well connected with rest of the country is a great place to stay.

There are homestays one can avail of and experience the lifestyle and culture of Limboo, Bhutia, Chettri, Gurung, Tamang and Lepcha who live in perfect harmony.

There are various places of tourist interest like Srijunga Yuma Manghim Temple, Rani Dhunga, Limboo museum, Smriti Van, Sukpabong Lingbit, Rimbi, Rimbi Waterfalls, Sewaro Rock Garden, Neytham and Singdrong. Immense natural beauty imbibed with mystic aura and ancient legends make Darap the perfect holiday destination for all.

4. Rabdentse Palace Ruins

This was the second cap[ital of the erstwhile kingdom after Yuksom and till the year 1814 A.D., the King of Sikkim ruled from this place. The palace ruins reconstructed gives the visitors a memorable experience. The scenic view from the top of the ruins scanning across the valley to the mystic heights of the Kanchenjunga range is something to be cherished and etched in memory.

This place is of historic importance. This Tourist Spots in West Sikkim is of historical importance. The archaeological survey of India designated this place to be protected. This place is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Sikkim. People with an interest in historical sites never miss taking a glimpse of this place when they are in Sikkim.

5. Sanga-Choling Monastery

This monastery situated on a ridge above Pelling facing the Pemayangtse Monastery. Built-in 1697 A.D. It’s considered to be one of the oldest monasteries in the State. It was established in the seventeenth century by Lama Lhatsun Chempo. It is accessed by walking the steep hilly track with scenic beauty and lush green vegetation. The Monastery covered with rich thick forest is also considered to be a pilgrimage site undertaken by Buddhist devotees. It is a religious site and a heritage of historical importance.

6. Khecheopalri Lake

Situated at a distance of 25 km from Pelling, considered to be one of the sacred lakes of the State both by the Buddhists and the Hindus.

The Lake remains hidden under the rich forest cover. There is a motorable road from Pemayangtse right up to the lake area. For those interested in spending a night or two in a peaceful environment, a trekker’s hut is available. The total surface area of the lake is around 3.79 hectares which is equal to 9.4 acres.

This is a sacred lake believed to be wish-fulfilling. The most interesting feature of the lake is that leaves are not allowed to float on the lake, which is ensured by the birds living around the lake which industriously pick them up as soon as they drop into the lake surface.

7. Kanchenjunga Water Falls

After an hour and a half drive from Pelling, one comes across Kanchenjunga waterfalls known for their breathtaking beauty and grandeur. It is a perennial waterfall believed to have originated high up in the glaciers. This pristine waterfall flows throughout the year fed from the ice glaciers of Mt. Kanchenjunga. It cascades down from a height of about 100 ft.

8. Yuksom

Yuksom was the first capital of Sikkim, where the first Chogyal of the Kingdom of Sikkim was consecrated in 1642 A.D. by three learned Lamas. The evidence of the consecration ceremony is still intact at Norbugang Chorten in the form of stone seats and a footprint of the Head Lama on a stone. Since the history of the state began in this place, these areas are now considered sacred by the people of Sikkim. Yuksom is connected by road from Pemayangtse, a distance of about 40 km. The trek to Dzongri and to the base camp of the famous Mt. Kanchenjunga begins here. Several Categories of accommodation are available at Yuksom for those desiring to spend a few days in quiet and serene surroundings.

9. Dubdi Monastery

This was the first monastery established soon after the consecration ceremony of the first Chogyal. The monastery is located on a hilltop above Yuksom surrounded by verdant forests. It can be approached by trekking only, through steep slopes for about half an hour. It is an ideal place for meditation. Surrounded by a serene and calm environment, it is a paradise for nature lovers.

10. Phamrong Waterfall

Located between Yuksom and Gerethang this highest waterfall of West Sikkim presents a magnificent scenario, especially during monsoons. A gentle gradient footpath takes one to a viewpoint for a closer view of this cascading waterfall. People who love to take a great snapshot of the waterfalls love to visit this place. The white water pouring down the hill gives a great picturesque view for the camera.

11. Rangit Water World

Situated close to Legship one can avail of serene white water rafting and boating facilities at Rangit Dam, against the impressive backdrop of steep hard rocks. This is an adventure sports spot in Sikkim. This is a delight for adventure travellers. People willing to spend some time in the lap of nature and have an experience of extreme adventure should never miss visiting this place and have an experience of a lifetime. One of the prominent adventure tourist spots in West Sikkim.

12. Shiva Mandir, Legship

Also known as the Kirateshwar Mahadev Temple, it is situated on the banks of the beautiful Rangit River. A foot suspension bridge takes the devotees to its attractive location. People from all over the state visit this holy place of eminence. According to popular belief, whosoever worships here will earn virtues of two lifetimes. This is a religious place. A place of worship for the followers of the Hindu religion.

13. Tashiding Monastery

This monastery is constructed on the top of a heart-shaped hill with the backdrop of the sacred Mt. Kanchenjunga. According to Buddhist scriptures, Guru Padmasambhava blessed the sacred land of Sikkim in the 8th century AD from this spot. The monastery, however, built in the 18th century AD by Ngadak Sempa Chempo, one of the three lamas who had performed the consecration ceremony of the first Chogyal. This tourist Spots in West Sikkim is of religious importance.

Tashiding is also famous for the holiest Chorten known as “Thong-WaRang-Dol” which literally means “Saviours by mere sight”. It is believed that the mere act of beholding it is supposed to wash away all the sins of the devotees. Another important feature is the sacred water festival unique to this monastery only. Every year, the 14th and 15th day of the first Lunar month, the Bhumchu Ceremony organised with devotees coming from far and near to get the blessing of the holy water gathers quite some crowd. The sacred holy water officially sealed safely by the lamas of the Monastery. Taken out once a year on an auspicious occasion, only to be put back with some fresh additions. The sacred water distributed among the devotees has spiritual benefits. Religious spot visited by various devotees as well as the people who have an interest in heritage sites finds it interesting.

14. Kongri-Labdang

There are other attractions around Tashiding like Sinon Monastery, TsoNim-Dawa (Pokhri Danra), Hungri Monastery and Pao-Hungri. The Paha Khola falls on the way to Kongri is worth visiting. The wild beehive on the side of the falls makes the visit more interesting. It is also an important point for the trekkers visiting Kasturi Orar adjoining Kanchenjunga (Dzongri) trail. One can also visit Jhang Lhari Nyingpo, one of the most sacred caves of Sikkim from Labdang.

15. Soreng

Soreng is a picturesque village with beautiful landscape. It is about two hours drive from Pelling and Melling. A trek to Jhandi Dara from Soreng is a must to see a variety of flowers and birds. Reasonably priced hotels and lodges are available. With the availability of various homestay and their exclusive local cuisines makes it a great experience to those seeking to live and experience a different culture.

16. Chakung

A picnic spot, cafeteria, easy trail for short walks through the forest, Durpiney Dara Viewpoint (also a paragliding takeoff point) overlooking Darjeeling, Jorethang are worth a visit. Visitors can spend a day in these ecofriendly surroundings. A decent place for the family to get together and spend some quality time for bonding. This is a place where one can go in a group and have a great time together enjoying the beauty and spending time together.

17. Limboo Cultural Centre, Tharpu

This Centre inaugurated on August 23rd, 2003 is another addition. Every year on this day, a function depicting the rich culture and heritage of various communities is organized. This Centre houses a hall, a museum and a library. This is a manmade structure embedding the rich culture and heritage of this place. People with a keen eye for exploring the cultural and heritage site will surely love this place.

18. Jureli Dara Viewpoint

Located between Daramdin and Hilley, this spot provides a panoramic view of Daramdin Valley and a large number of mountain ranges. Accomodation is available both at viewpoint building and Forest Guest House at Anden. This place named after the bird Jureli which is abundantly available in this area. This place is a paradise for the bird watchers as well. This site is equally attracting for the nature lovers and the animal lovers.

19. Varsey

It lies at an elevation of 10,000 ft. It has a road access from Hilley. An easy four km trek from there takes one up to the Varsey Rhododendron Sanctuary which is in bloom from March to April. One can also trek from Soreng and Dentam. The place provides a magnificent view of the mountains. Visitors can halt at “Gurans Kunj Trekkers” hut. The Rhododendron blooming season provides a great time for the visit. The whole forest painted red due to the blooming of the Rhododendron flower which is usually deep red in colour is mesmerizing. Also is present the rare white Rhododendron. For the people with the love and heart for flowers, this site provides an excellent spot to visit and cherish. Varsey is a not to miss Tourist Spots in West Sikkim during the blooming season.

20. Rinchenpong-Kaluk

Situated at an altitude of 1700 meters, the drive from Gangtok to Rinchenpong takes about four hours via Zoom. It is also acessible from Siliguri and Darjeeling. It is a picturesque village with beautiful landscape and a panoramic view of Kanchenjunga. A visit to Resum Monastery is an interesting experience. One can also trek to Jhandi Dara/Melanpso, a rich forest area known to be the home of various species of wild animals and birds. Accomodation is available at Kaluk and Rinchenpong. A night spent in an old Guest House or a newly built Resort could be a memorable experience.

21. Hee-Bermiok

Journey to Hee Bermiok takes about four and half hours from Gangtok. Once can also reach there from Pelling. The main attractions are mountain biking, nature walk, visit to villages, Sirijunga Yuma Mangheem, Sirijunga Holy Cave at Martam, Mahatma Sirijunga Statue and Study Centre, Chhayatal Lake (reflecting the image of Sirijunga statue). Phang Dorji Falls (Ban Jhankri Falls), Himalayan Botanical Garden Hee Gouracharan, Hee Khola Water Garden, Red Panda Gate. The adventure lovers can enjoy two and a half hours trek to Barsey. Apart from having an Annual Tourist Festival, impressive village tourism facilities are available. This is a mixed spot which caters to visitors with family or a group of friends. Among the excellent tourist spots in West Sikkim, this one is specially the one which caters to all kind of visitors.

22. Sirijunga Phocku and Wadhan (Cave)

2 km trek from Sirijunga Yuma Mangheem, one comes across a waterfall besides which lies a cave where Tyeongshi reported to have taken refuge. This is a place of religious importance to the Limboo community of Sikkim and the world. This place is visitedmostly by the limboo devotees. Also the people who loves to discover the local culture and heritage of Sikkim loves to gather here and spend few days.

23. Bajratey Devithan and Holy Cave

Jeepable road leads from Dentam to Khandu School and a walk of 1 km leads one to a sacred groove and a holy cave called Bajratey Devithan. It is a 40 ft deep tunnel with stone steps where people of surrounding area gather here and perform pujas. Various rituals carried out here by the local people and devotees who consider this as a sacred and holy place. This place is of religious importance as well. Devithan is usually a place where Devi resides. “Devi” means Goddess in local language and “than” is derived from “Sthan” which means Place so the word “Devithan” converts to “Place where Goddess resides”.

24. Teen Chahngey (Three Tier) Falls

These beautiful waterfalls situated between the Hee Khola and Bhalukhop is a treat. Each step has a height of about 300 to 400 ft. with clear visibility of all three falls from one point. It is fascinating and worth a visit. Unlike other waterfalls which is just a single fall, this waterfalls is quite different due to its multiple tiers. The waterfalls reaches the ground with three different steps and water being falling in three steps. This provides an extremely picturesque view and provide a great place to visit. Not many place in the whole world has this kind of waterfall.

25. Jor Pokhari (Twin Lake)

This beautiful tourist spot situated 11 km. away from Nunthaley between Barsey and Nunthaley. Water remains in both lakes have diameter of around 1 km. There is a temple for the devoteesto perform prayer. This is the best place for bird watching. Absolutely a paradise for the nature lovers and animal lovers. The pair of lake present here is full of water all the year around. It is an excellent Tourist Spots in West Sikkim to visit.

26. Dentam Valley

About half an hour drive from Hee village towards Uttarey is the attractive village of Dentam with a bird-eye view from Gurasey Dara (Rhododendron forest). The word Dentam comes from the word “Ten-Nem”, which means a flat terraced land in the Limboo language. This valley is located in a very unique topography. One ancient and a holy Jalpa Devi Mandir and Durga Mandir including one Shiva Mandir are there in the heart of Dentam bazaar to guard and bless the people. This beautiful valley well known for Alpine Gouda Cheese Factory, a product of Indo-Swiss collaboration.

27. Singshore Bridge

With a span of 198 meters and 220 meters in depth, located in the mid-way to Uttarey from Dentam, Singshore Bridge is the Second Highest suspension Bridge in Asia, and the first of its kind in Sikkim. Connecting Dentam to Uttarey in the distance, it connects the two beautiful villages where homestay facilities are available. Singshore Bridge has been specified and declared as a special spot for the Bungee Jumping, introduction and promoting a unique and a new discipline in the field of adventure tourism as the first in the state. The people with a love for extreme adventure would definitely love this place. This is extremely important and a place not to miss for the adventure loving tourists.

28. Uttarey Valley

Five hours drive from Gangtok, Bagdogra/N.J.P./Siliguri, three hours form Darjeeling and Kalimpong and one and a half hours from pelling, Uttarey in West Sikkim is a base camp of adventure tourism for the Singalila Range Tenzing-Hillary Ecotourism Trekking Trail towards Kanchenjunga. Located on the lap of Singalila Range, Phoktey Dara and Nedhyam, Uttarey is a small but beautiful and a virgin paradise on earth set amidst the pristine valley. Surrounded by hilltops, waterfalls, frothing rivers, evergreen forest, medicinal herbs and mountain hamlets. Apart from hotels and resorts it has three beautiful homestay villages for nature lovers, trekkers, adventure and cultural heritage seekers. Three Villages inc;ludes Bandukey Limboo Tribal Heritage Village, Sherpa Gaon Tribal Heritage Village and Ferek Lepcha Tribal Heritage Village.

29. Mainabaas Fall, Uttarey

Isolated inside the lush green Rhododendron and Oak forest, cascading from the height of nearly 250m, holds a sacred Hidden Heavenly Falls, Mainabaas. The freshness of the air in the area presents a mesmerizing effect. On the right side of these falls and at the equal height there is a huge overhanging cliff where there are plenty of wild bee hive. “Main” in the local language means wax and “baas” means the place to stay. In the olden days the local people of the area used to adorn themselves by applying bee wax on their beard and hair.

This is also an ideal habitat for number of birds both local and migratory and their chirping in the morning adds value to this Mainabaas falls. Diversity of flora is also amazing with plenty of wild animals like Himalayan Black Bear, Red Panda, the State animal, Serow, Ghoral, Barking Deer, Yellow Throated Martin, Himalayan Palm Civet, Large Indian Civet, Leopard and Hairy Brown Squirrel. This spot is a great place to visit for the animal lovers.

30. Phoktey Dara Singalila Peak

Located at the ridge of the famous Singalila Range, Phoktey Dara is famous and Unique Hilltop View Point to witness the panoramic view of Mt. Everest, Mt. Dhaulagiri, Mt Makalu, Mt Lotse, Mt. Nuptse in the west and Mt. Kanchenjunga, Mt Pandim, Mt Kabru, Mt Narsing, Mt Rathong, Mt. Sinolchu, Mt. Koktang. Fascinating view of the entire Chola Range falls in the eastern part. There stands a beautiful and a holy peak Singhalila and down on its lap the aerial view of Barsey Rhododendron Santuary.

Phoktey Dara has a very extra ordinary view point mainly for the majestic sunrise and sunset. For the sunrise view one has to reach there in the early hours of the morning. Phoktey Dare is popular as it is located near Chewa Bhanjyan Pass and as view point for renowned and popular Singhalila Range Tenzing-Hillary Eco-Tourism Trekking Trial towards Kanchenjunga with its exit point at Yuksom.

31. Chewa Bhanjyang Pass

Like Donkeyla Pass, Nathula Pass, Chorten Nimala Pass and Jelepla Pass in the Indo-China border, Chewa Bhanjyang Pass is also one of the important and popular passes in the Indo-Nepal border. The name Chewa Bhanjyang taken from the old name Cheewa-Fangzong which means a “peeping valley” in the local Limboo language.

32. Singalila Range Tenzing-Hillary Eco-Tourism Trekking Trail towards Kanchenjunga

Uttarey Singhalila-Dzongri Trek Route is one of the most picturesque trek in the Himalayas ranking in the Top Six Trekking Trail in the world. This trekking trail is also famous for the lakes, hence, known as the Lakes Trek. This trek route rungs along the ridge on Singalila range that forms a border between Nepal and Sikkim and lies in the heart of Kanchenjunga National Park and one can be amidst the Bio-Diversity of this rich natural heritage. The trek is very refreshing and meanders through the beautiful forest of Rhododendron. All through the trek one can have a stunning view of some of the world’s greatest mountains and may also sight some rare wild animals as one passes through some tranquil high altitude.

This is the popular and longest trek in Sikkim starting from Uttarey and ending at Yuksom with camp sites at different elevations like Chewa Bhanjyang, Gairi, Doorm (Weyhong), Sikkimey Megu, Omathang, Gomathang, Boktat, Yangsep, Kokling, Tegyapla, Khangarden, Ghattey Khola via H.M.I. Base Camp and Dzongri within 11-19 days depending upon the trekkers convenience and their itinerary. About more than 32 number of explored holy lakes found along this trek such as Hans Pokhari, Lam Pokhari, Jamley Pokhari, Mujur Pokhari, Nil Pokhari, Rakta Pokhari, Laxmi Pokhari, Doodh Pokhari at tegyapla and H.M.I. Base Camp while many are yet to be discovered. Wild animals of endangered species like musk deer, snow leopard, blue sheep, mountain fox resides here.

33. Ram Rukh (Tree of Lord Rama)

Located above Sardong village called Gaddi Dara on the way to Rani Dhunga (Queen Stone) and approachable from Bongten by 4km trek. The local communities worship this old oak tree as a holy tree or sacred groove since time emmemorial. Shot with an arrow by Lord Rama in the ancient period, this place has quite a history. A simple and a perfect site to visit. It is Located at an elevation of 7,800ft.

34. Rani Dhunga (Queen Rock)

About 6km of walk from Pelling via Sanga Choling Monastery and 4km walk from Chahngay and Bongten, Rani Dhunga is located on the top of upper Chahngay village. It s also regarded as a pilgrimage site and most of the local communities visit during Ramnavami in the months of March-April for performing puja. Huge rock called Rani Dhunga with approximately 40 ft. height which is actually flat on the top. Five holy caves where puja is performed by offering coins and other materials.

In the local language Dhunga Means Rock. It was used by the then Queen for Sunbath. Later people called this rock Rani Dhunga. Rani Dhunga Literally translates to the Queen rock in English. This is one of many unique tourist spots in West Sikkim that never ceases to amaze the visitors.

35. Chhangey Waterfalls

Artistically cascading from the height of nearly 300m, this waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in West Sikkim, on the way to Uttarey from Pelling. Easily approachable, Changay Fall has become one of the important tourist destinations for visitors. The fall flows down from Rani Dhunga through Chhangay Village. The extreme white of the fall actually looks like a long white mark on the green background of forest, if seen from a distance, a breathtaking sight for the visitors.

36. Sita Dham

Sita Dham is a holy place which is located at upper Bongten. Believed to be Sita’s residence in ancient times. Also the guru Padmasambhava along with a powerful woman named Dorjee Phamo (Goddess) traveled to Sikkim and meditated at this place. Believed to get wishes fulfilled by offering puja here by the locals. Various diseases are cured and problems are solved. The place surrounded by dense forest on all sides with a huge cave on the top of the village is mesmerizing.

A perennial stream flows from the top of the cave, which is very clean and fresh. During the full moon and the new moon the devotees perform puja. There are three big stones on the top of the cave which is about 20-25m. It is approachable by 3km of steep trek from the Dentam Sardong road. It is at an altitude of 6,700 ft.

37. Teen Surey (Three Hills)

The name Teen Suray means “combination of three hills standing very close to each other” on the ridge above Liching village. The area itself is full of floral and faunal diversity. It is nearly 10 km. steep trek from Dentam-Bongten road. On the way to Teen Suray, a cave used in ancient times by monks for meditation to draw religious strength. From this vantage point in Teen Suray you have almost the entire view of West Sikkim and the Kanchenjunga mountain range.

38. Gitang Saat Changey

Saat Changey Fall is located on the Gitang Khola in between Bulung and Gitang village and has its own significance. It has breathtaking view during the summer season. It is 10 km from Dentam by road up to Gitang village and nearly 1km walk from this village. Situated at an altitude of 7,100 ft. providing an excellent and great place to enjoy a waterfall.

39. Neydham Holy Cave

A place of pilgrimage popularly known as Neydham is located on the ridge of the boundary line Maneybong, Dentam and Yangthang. The word Neydham is a Lepcha word which means “Top Head”, or “Head of Hill”. Dham is a Nepali word which means “dwelling place of god and goddess”. People believed that their desires would be fulfilled if one worshipped there with true faith. More than 32 explored sacred lakes are located along this trek like Hans Pokhari, Lam Pokhari, Jamley Pokhari, Mujur Pokhari, Nil Pokhari, Rakta Pokhari, Laxmi Pokhari. Its physical feature resembles Kailash Parbat. There is a beautiful cave in the middle of the main cave with at least 20 ft. depth from the entrance. An excellent Tourist Spots in West Sikkim includes this place.

40. Jhakri Dhunga (Local Healer Rock)

At the corner most part of Kalej valley and also regarded as most remote place devoid of any modern facilities, Jhakri Dhunga is a huge rock having its own historical significance and scenic beauty. Inhabitated by Ban Jhakri, the local jungle deity in olden days, this place has cultural value. It was also said that during full moon one could hear the rituals performed by Ban Jhakri.

Various Other Tourist Spots in West Sikkim includes

  • Cultural Village at Tharpu
  • Water Garden at Hee Pul
  • Yatri Niwas at Soreng
  • Tourist Lodge at Uttarey
  • Heli Tourism in Uttarey and Hilley

Various Other Places of Tourist Interest in Sikkim are found here. There are othere places as well but this Tourist Spots in West Sikkim are the most famous ones.

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