Visiting High Altitude Areas In Sikkim

Guide for visiting high altitude areas in Sikkim

Visiting High Altitude Areas In Sikkim needs extra care and attention to preparation. The special permits are required as per the area being visited. Also special attention is to be given to health and other medical assistance. A proper travel guide is also very helpful in this case

  1. Although not required, it is advised that travelers only reserve accommodations that meet health and safety standards and use transportation and other services from tour operators and service providers that meet these standards.
  2. Visitors to Sikkim must complete the necessary information in the forms found under the tab for visitors on the tourism portal at Once all the necessary information has been provided and all sections have been completed, visitors can download a travel card. At the Rangpo/Melli entrance point, visitors must show the travel card, and throughout the remainder of their stay in Sikkim, they must update it daily either by themselves or through their hotel, tour operator, or TIC.
  3. The traveler must always carry their travel card with them, and any designated enforcement agents sent out for this reason may ask them to show it so that it may be verified and checked.
  4. If enforcement officers find that tourists have disregarded social conventions, worn masks, neglected to update their travel cards, or used non-compliant tour operators or service providers, they may be penalized

Do watch the video below to get all the relevant information required to visit sikkim including the high altitude areas of Sikkim which falls under restricted areas and protected areas. Different types of permit is given for different type of areas. The video also contains the mandatory requirement and medical advisory for high altitude ventures in Sikkim.

How to Identify Hotels and Vehicles with Health & Safety Compliance in Sikkim:

A personalized sticker for automobiles, flags, standees, or banners for hotels and lodging units, as well as for offices of tour operators and service providers, must be displayed or hoisted, depending on the situation. 
Also the government official website provides the details of all the registered tours and travel agencies. You can check out the full list of Registered travel agencies of Sikkim here. Some of the crucial information required while travelling to Sikkim is also present here

Alerts and Information

Sikkim is renowned for being safe and clean. Visiting High Altitude Areas In Sikkim is an enthralling experience. However, like with traveling to any unknown location, it always pays to use common sense and to be aware of the options available to you in case you run into issues or require assistance. In the event that anything unplanned occurs while you are in Sikkim, the information provided below may be helpful. 

 Visiting High Altitude Areas In Sikkim

How to Prevent Altitude Sickness

While Visiting High Altitude Areas In Sikkim you may fall prey to altitude Sickness. Below are list to prevent the same:

  1. Gradually ascent. Avoid traveling more than 9,000 feet (2,750 m) above sea level in one day from a low elevation to a high height. Spend a few days at 8,000–9,000 feet if you can before ascending to a greater altitude. Your body will have more time to become used to the decreased oxygen levels.
  2. Increase the altitude where you will sleep no more than 1,600 feet every day after you are over 9,000 feet. Try to spend an extra day at that elevation without climbing any higher for every 3,300 feet you gain.
  3. For at least the first 48 hours after you arrive at an elevation over 8,000 feet. Refrain from drinking alcohol and engaging in strenuous activity.
  4. Avoiding altitude sickness on a longer journey at a high height can be accomplished by travelling in parts. Travel to elevations higher than 9,000 feet for 2 nights or more within 30 days of your trip.
  5. Think about making day travels to higher altitudes and then coming down to a lower altitude for the night.
  6. There are medications available to prevent acute mountain sickness and reduce the amount of time needed to acclimate to high altitudes. In light of your medical history and travel plans, discuss which is best for you with your doctor.

What should you stay away from at a high altitude?

While Visiting High Altitude Areas in Sikkim if can fall prey to altitude sickness. You may want to know what you should not do. Symptoms of altitude sickness might get worse while consuming alcohol, smoking, or using drugs like sleeping pills. When traveling to a higher altitude, refrain from drinking, smoking, and using sleeping drugs. Wait at least 48 hours before having a drink if you want to allow your body enough time to acclimatize.

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